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Let us save you time and money

My name is David Mancinelli and I was a cutting horse trainer in the Denver area, and I have been involved in the horse industry for 40 years. I am not just someone selling pelletized wood bedding, I am a horse person that was using it everyday. We all have tried everything from rice hulls, to paper, to grounded up tires, and this product is by far the only way to go. It saves time and money, that's what horse people are looking for. So if you need more informations and want to speak with a horse person call me.

"Quality Livestock Bedding

The Right Price"

Hemp Bedding - shipped from the St Louis area.

​Bulk and Bagged Alfalfa Pellets. Call for info. 

We are now offering Bulk Shavings by the truckload (150 yards per load) Call for pricing. This is only in Colorado.


Pelleted Pine Wood Bedding

Pricing is as low as $175.00 per ton  / plus freight.

Made in the USA

We ship from many locations so call for pricing in your area.

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​If you are interested in pellets for other uses please: