The amount of shavings my stall help was wasting when I was using regular shavings has been cut in half by using the Pelletized Pine Wood Bedding.”     Sandy Jirkovsky

"Premier Livestock Bedding is really easy to use: no storage problems; they absorb better than any conventional shavings; they are easy to clean (so less time spent on stall cleaning, actually cuts our time in half) and they reduce waste by as much as 60%. A very usable product!" 

Terry Wegener

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"Quality Livestock Bedding, The Right Price"

Premier Livestock Bedding

Let our clients tell you how it works for them

"I wanted to let you know that I was fairly skeptical about changing from shavings to wood pellets.  However, I have been impressed and I will continue to use them at our training operation.  I like the fact that the stalls are easier to clean and there is less waste, so we do not go through as many bags of pellets as we did shavings.  Also, they are much more consolidated to store and can be stored outside easily".  Consider us a customer!
Jill Cook    J & J Cook Performance Horses

"We have chosen to use the pelletized bedding for our barn for many different reasons.  First of all it is the easiest we have seen so far to clean up and muck out.  The costs associated with it are comparable to other traditional and non-traditional bedding and our waste pile has decreased.  And last but certainly not least, in fact some would say MOST important is the fact that our barn doesn't stink!!!  That is a pretty incredible feat with 30 plus horses." 

Stacey Brown       Shane Brown Performance Horses

“Premier Livestock Bedding is my favorite product. If you have light colored horses or have horses that are hard to keep their stalls clean, this product is for you. I have tried it all and Pelletized Wood Bedding is for me.”

 Karen Banister

“In my fifty years in the horse business I have never seen a product that even comes close to the efficiency and quality of Premiere Livestock Bedding. It reduces not only your initial capital out-lay, but it also minimizes your man hours.”   

O.K. “Kim” Estes

“Premier Livestock Bedding is doing a great job and the time and  labor that we  have saved is far more than we expected. It is a great  product.”     

Ron Webb